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About us

EU-PU (Europarts-union) is a professional automotive parts sales platform dedicated to providing high-quality genuine parts to european customers. With years of industry experience and a deep understanding of the automotive parts market, our team is committed to offering exceptional products and services to our clients.

As a sales platform, we have established strong partnerships with numerous reputable parts suppliers to ensure that every part we offer undergoes stringent quality control and testing, meeting our customers’ expectations for part quality and reliability.

Our Goal: To assist our clients in maintaining and repairing their vehicles by providing high-quality genuine partsensuring optimal performance and safety. We believe that with our products and services, customers can enjoy more reliable and durable vehicle performance.

EU-PU is dedicated to continuous innovation and improving the customer experience. We offer a fast and convenient online shopping experience, allowing customers to easily browse and purchase the parts they need through our website. Our customer service team is always ready to answer questions and provide assistance, ensuring customer satisfaction throughout the purchasing process.

Our Mission: To provide customers with high-quality, reliable genuine automotive parts to help them maintain and repair their vehicles, ensuring performance and safety. We believe that with our products and services, customers can enjoy a better driving experience and a longer vehicle lifespan.

Thank you for choosing EU-PU as your automotive parts provider. We promise to deliver exceptional products and services, giving you confidence in your purchase and use of our products.